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General Assembly is the largest annual gathering of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The General Assembly offers an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to meet face-to-face with pastors, leaders, and decision-makers from across the country and around the world. These individuals have a strong influence on the decisions for services, vendors, and resources of their churches, ministries, and organizations.

As an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to develop relationships with church members and workers, build name recognition and market your organization’s products and programs, and maximize your exposure and visibility through sponsorship opportunities.

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Registration for the 2024 General Assembly in Richmond, VA is open.

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 New Exhibitors 

Apply for approval as an Exhibitor

There are three times a year that exhibitors can submit application for approval, October, April, and June. We encourage all potential exhibitors to send in their forms by September for the October meeting. Doing so guarantees when registration opens in December, approved new exhibitors will be able to sign-up immediately. The latter approval dates still provide opportunities to exhibit, but if you are interested in the current year, the earlier the submission the better!

If you have thought about exhibiting at GA but are not sure if you are able to attend that year, we encourage you to make sure that you fill out the paperwork to become an approved exhibitor. Being approved as an exhibitor does not mean that you must exhibit with us at General Assembly in a given year, it means that you are able to register any year in the next 5 years.

Non-PCA exhibitors at the General Assembly should be able to provide products and services, which will benefit the work and ministry of the PCA at large and the local churches in particular. Applicants whose services, products, or ministries are duplications of, or competitive with, PCA ministries might not be approved.

Please contact events@pcanet.org with any other questions!

Submit paperwork by April 1, 2024 for the April AC meeting.

Email: events@pcanet.org

Mail: PCA Administrative Committee
1700 N. Brown Road, Suite 105
Lawrenceville, GA 30043


 Policies and Procedures 

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What is the date and location of the PCA General Assembly?

The PCA General Assembly will be held in Richmond, VA on June 10 – 14, 2024.

I have never exhibited at General Assembly. What do I need to do?

All organizations must be approved by the Administrative Committee to exhibit. See the New Exhibitor web page for details.

I missed the deadline for new exhibitors. Can I still exhibit?

Depending on booth availability, it may be possible for you to exhibit. Please email events@pcanet.org for more information.

How many people come to General Assembly?

More than 3,500 pastors, elders, church planters, chaplains, campus ministers, missionaries, seminary professors, students and more.

I am a registered exhibitor. When will I get my booth number?

You will receive your booth number in late April – early May in the Exhibitor Service Kit. Booth numbers may be subject to change.

Can I see the Exhibit Hall Floor Layout?

The Exhibit Hall Floor Layout is included in the Exhibitor Service Kit which will be sent out in late April – early May. The floor layout and booth numbers may be subject to change.

How do I arrange for power, wired Internet, carpet, furniture, and other extras for my booth?

Order forms for carpet, furniture, and other extras will be included in the Exhibitor Service Kit in late April – early May. Electricity and wired Internet are available through the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

When can I set up and take down my exhibit booth?

Set-up will begin in the afternoon on Monday. All booths must be completely set up by Noon on Tuesday. Exhibitors may take down their booths after 5:30 pm on Thursday. All exhibit materials must be removed from the hall no later than 10:00 am, Friday, to avoid additional charges.

If I am selling from my booth, do I need to charge sales tax?

Any organization selling from their booth may research Virignia sales tax requirements HERE


Other questions?

Contact us at events@pcanet.org.

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