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Overtures to the 2024 General Assembly will be posted as they are received.



(To read an overture, click on the title below)

 1 Piedmont Triad CCB, OC Original Overture #1: Vacated by the Presbytery
Current Overture #1: Amend BCO 35-1 and 35-8 Regarding Witness Eligibility
2 Northern California CCB, OC Amend BCO 13-6 for Clarity in Transfers of Ordination
3 Pee Dee CCB, OC Grant Constitutional Status to BCO 53 re Preaching
4 Central Indiana CCB, OC Establish Study Committee for Judicial Rules Changes
5 Piedmont Triad MNA Adjust Piedmont Triad and Catawba Valley Presbytery Boundaries
6 Susquehanna Valley CCB, OC Amend BCO Sections to Require Background Checks for Church Office
7 Ascension CCB, OC, AC, CC, CDM, CTS, GEN, MNA, MTW, PCAF, RH, RUF Amend RAO 11-5 to Clarify Process for RAO Amendments
8 Covenant MNA Change Boundaries of Covenant and Mississippi Valley Presbyteries
9 Metro Atlanta CCB, OC Add Great Commission Requirement to BCO 12-5
10 Metro Atlanta CCB, OC Add Presbytery TE Care to BCO 13-9
11 Mississippi Valley MNA Change Boundaries of Mississippi Valley and Covenant Presbyteries
12 Catawba Valley MNA Adjust Catawba Valley and Piedmont Triad Presbytery Boundaries
13 Calvary OC Commend and Encourage Distribution of Commission Letter Regarding Gender Reassignment for Minors
14 Northwest Georgia CCB, OC, CC, CTS Amend RAO 4-21.d to Require Enrollment Data From Higher Ed Institutions
15 Session of West End Presbyterian Church CCB, OC Amend BCO 7-2 to Specify Ordination for Biological Males Only
16 Warrior CCB, OC Amend BCO 13-6, 21-4, 24-1 to Require Background Checks
17 Ohio CCB, OC Amend BCO 13-6, 21-4, and 24-1 to Require Background Checks for Church Office
18 Ohio CCB, OC Amend BCO 35-1 and 35-8 Regarding Witness Eligibility
19 Session of Fountain Square Presbyterian Church CCB, OC Amend BCO 41 to allow Venue Change in Judicial Cases
20 Session of Fountain Square Presbyterian Church CCB, OC Proposed Systematic Changes to BCO 31, 32, and 35
21 Central Indiana CCB, OC Change the Prohibition Against ‘Interlocutory Appeal’ by Complaint in BCO 43-1
22 South Florida CCB, OC Amend BCO 13-2 to clarify Teaching Elder Presbytery Membership
23 Missouri CCB, OC Amend BCO 13-6, 21-4, and 24-1 to Require Background Checks for Church Office
24 South Texas CCB, OC Amend BCO 13-6, 21-4, and 24-1 to Require Background Checks for Church Office
25 Tennessee Valley CCB, OC Amend BCO 31-2 to Expand Who May Assist in an Investigations
26 Tennessee Valley CCB, OC Amend BCO 32-19 To Expand Representation of Accused Persons Before Church Courts
27 Potomac CCB, OC Amend BCO 13-6 to Add Personal Character and Family Management to the Examination of Transferring Ministers
28 New Jersey CCB, OC Amend RAO 16-6.c.1. to Eliminate Conflict with BCO 40-5
29 Session of Bryce Avenue Presbyterian Church CCB, OC Amend BCO 53 by Addition to Ensure Only Men Preach
30 Lowcountry CCB, OC Amend BCO 23-1 To Require that the Presbytery of Jurisdiction Conduct an Exit Interview Prior to Dissolution of Call
31 New River


Amend BCO 14-1 Regarding Changes in Permanent Committee and Agency Policy
32 Eastern Pennsylvania


Amend BCO 23 to Address Dissolution of Call for those employed by a Committee or Agency


*For the 2023 Overtures, click here.


The 2024 General Assembly will be located at:

Greater Richmond Convention Center
403 N 3rd St.
Richmond, VA 23219

Rental Cars
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All the General Assembly documents will be available to registered commissioners on ShareFile on the following dates:

  • Commissioner Handbook – a month prior to GA
  • Supplement to the Commissioner Handbook – a week before GA
  • Onsite Reports – as completed

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Interested in presenting a seminar?

Are you interested in volunteering to share your experiences and expertise? Seminars provide high quality information, training, and resources to the General Assembly attendees. Each seminar is featured on our podcast, Gifts and Graces, regularly getting hundreds of listens per episode! Presenters must not use the time to promote their organization or its services, but rather share information and takeaways.

Seminars must be:

  • Biblically-based
  • Practical
  • Relevant
  • Compelling

The deadline for Seminar Proposals was January 31, 2024.  

Interested in sponsoring a seminar?

Your organization, products, and services will be promoted to seminar attendees and a table for your materials will be inside the room. Your sponsorship will be noted in printed materials and onsite signage! 

To learn how to be a sponsor, email

Please also check out our podcast – Gifts and Graces!  Click here to listen.


The Administrative Committee has the following volunteer needs in preparing for the 2024 General Assembly. Please volunteer your time, gather your friends and family, and come to serve the church together.

Loading and Unloading

We need 10+ able bodied men and women or a youth group to help load the Administrative Committee Truck leading up to GA and after GA.

  • Location: PCA Office Building, 1700 North Brown Road, Suite 105, Lawrenceville, GA
  • To volunteer: contact us via e-mail at


Communion Elder & Worship Ushers

Teaching and Ruling Elders are encouraged to serve the Assembly as volunteers in serving communion.  Other church officers may sign-up to be an usher. Church officers are encouraged to volunteer to be an usher during worship services.

  • Dates: Tuesday, June 11 – Thursday, June 13
  • Location: onsite at General Assembly
  • Sign-up link coming soon!
    Seminar Room Host

    As a seminar room host, you will:

    1. Serve as the liaison for each seminar speaker in your assigned room with the seminar staff and tech team.
    2. Present the seminar sponsorship (if applicable – a script will be given ahead of time).
    3. Introduce the speaker.
    4. Keep the speaker on time – give time warnings as the end of the seminar approaches.

    As the Seminar Room Host, you’ll need to serve in your room the entire seminar block – arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the first seminar time, and staying at least 10 minutes after the last seminar.  Seminar Room Hosts do not need to be commissioners, and may be men or women. 

    Sign-up HERE to volunteer!

    Additional opportunities may be available onsite. Please contact Ashley Davis by e-mail at or by phone at (678) 825-1000.

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