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Overtures to the 2022 General Assembly will be posted as they are received.



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2021-19 Pacific Northwest OC Amend BCO 38-1 & 42-2 to Allow Appealing a Censure in a Case without Process
2021-20 Pacific Northwest OC Amend BCO 31-10 and 33-4 on Pre-trial Non-Disciplinary Suspensions
2021-21 Pacific Northwest OC Amend BCO 42-6 on Vote Required for Maintaining Censure during an Appeal
2021-34 Pacific Northwest OC Amend BCO 38-1 re Confession Timing for Case Without Process
2021-35 Pacific Northwest OC Amend BCO 38-1 re Counsel for Case Without Process
2021-40 Tennessee Valley OC Amend BCO 32-13 and 35-5 to Allow Victim Protection Provisions
2021-41 Tennessee Valley OC Amend BCO 35-1 to Expand Potential Witness Eligibility


(To read on overture, click on the title below)

1 Palmetto AC Docket Overtures Committee Report as a GA Order of the Day
2 Tennessee Valley CCB, OC Amend BCO 22-3 to Allow Assistant Pastors to file Complaints against Sessions
3 Pee Dee IRC Withdraw from the National Association of Evangelicals
4 Vacated
5 Vacated
6 Nashville CCB, OC Amend BCO 31-10 and 33-4 Regarding Suspensions during Process or Delay
7 Nashville CCB, OC Amend BCO 42-6 Regarding Suspending Judgment during Appeal
8 Houston Metro CCB, OC Amend BCO 33-1 and BCO 34-1 Establishing Percentage Threshold for Original Jurisdiction Requests
9 Calvary CCB, OC Amend BCO 34-1 to Establish Percentage Threshold for Original Jurisdiction Requests
10 Southwest Florida MNA Restructure Boundary of the Presbytery of Southwest Florida
11 Korean Capital CCB, OC Amend BCO 25-2.e and Add a New Item BCO 25-2.f, New Percentage Threshold for Calling Large Church Congregational Meetings

Hills and Plains


Amend BCO 16 by Adding a New Paragraph BCO 16-4 with Wording from the Report of the Ad Interim Committee on Human Sexuality




Petition United States Government to End Abortion 



CCB, OC; to SJC for OMSJC only

Change the Composition of the SJC by Amending BCO 15-4 and RAO 17-1; Amend OMSJC 5.1 and 6.1




Amend BCO 7 to Disqualify from Office Men Identifying as Homosexual


TE Ted Lester


Amend BCO 25-2 to Require Annual Congregational Meeting and Reporting Standards


TE Ted Lester


Amend BCO 32-3 to Require Open Proceedings for Trials


Pacific Northwest


Amend RAO 3-2 by Adding an Administrative Responsibility for the Stated Clerk’s Office Regarding the Processing of Allegations.


Northwest Georgia


Amend BCO 15-2 Regarding Presbytery Commission Membership and Quorum


Northwest Georgia


Amend BCO 16 by Adding Paragraph 16-4 on Qualifications for Ordination


Northwest Georgia


Amend BCO 43-2 and 43-3 Regarding Timing for Considering a Complaint [Note: Title revised 4-12-22]


Northwest Georgia


Amend RAO 3-2.h, Making Statistical Data Digitally Accessible


Southeast Alabama


Amend BCO 16 by Adding Paragraph 16-4 on Qualifications for Ordination


Houston Metro


Amend RAO 11-2 and 11-10 to Clarify Who May Submit an Overture


Houston Metro


Amend BCO 15-1 and 15-3 to Clarify Role of Presbytery Commission




Statement On Political Violence




Amend BCO 15-1 and 15-3 To Clarify Role of Presbytery Commission



CCB, OC, and to MNA for advice

Amend BCO 8-7 by Adding Chaplain Endorsement Requirements and Recommendations




Amend BCO 16 by Adding 16-4 Regarding Qualifications for Church Office




Amend BCO 6-5, 20-3, 25-1, and 24-3, Allowing Congregations to Establish Voting Age Restrictions




Amend BCO 21-4 and 24-1 by Adding Paragraphs Regarding Requirements for Ordination


Tennessee Valley


Amend RAO 8.4 to Add an Item to the Annual Report of the GA Nominating Committee




Use Human Sexuality Report for Study, Examination, and Conciliation


Metro Atlanta


Use Human Sexuality Report for Study, Examination, and Conciliation


North Florida


Use Human Sexuality Report for Study, Assessment, and Conciliation


Southeast Alabama


BCO 34-1 Request to Assume Original Jurisdiction over TE Greg Johnson




BCO 34-1 Request to Assume Original Jurisdiction over TE Greg Johnson


*For the 2021 Overtures, click here.


The 2022 General Assembly is hosted by the Evangel Presbytery.

General Assembly will be located at:

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex
1 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N
Birmingham, AL 35203

Map of the BJCC

A few easy ways to get around Downtown Birmingham

  • Birmingham On-Demand App: Ride anywhere in the Birmingham area for $1.50 per ride. Download the app for Apple or Google Play.
  • The Magic City Connector: Birmingham’s bus system will transport you to the BJCC for as low as $0.35. Go to their website for more information.
  • If you’re driving around downtown you may park at the BJCC.

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex

Rental Cars
  • Avis has provided the PCA discount number T121200
  • For reservations go to or call (800) 331-1600
  • Up to 30% discounts are available depending on demand (vehicles in less demand have the greater discounts). Better discounts are available on the Avis site versus other travel websites.

Special Opportunity with Delta Airlines

The PCA Administrative Committee (AC) has arranged a small discount for those who wish to use Delta. You may receive a discount between 2-10%. Using this code may benefit the ministry of the Administrative Committee by helping us with future travel needs.

Delta Air Lines is pleased to offer special discounts for GENERAL ASSEMBLY

Please click here to book your flights!

You may also call Delta Meeting Network® at 1.800.328.1111 
Monday–Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. (CT) and refer to Meeting Event Code NMV8C

*Please note there is not a service fee for reservations booked and ticketed via our reservation 800 number.


Visitor's Bureau
  • For helpful information, click here.
The Birmingham On-Demand App

A quick and easy way to get around Birmingham is with the Birmingham On-Demand App. Birmingham On-Demand is an on-demand transit system service in Birmingham, Alabama that takes multiple passengers heading in the same direction and books them into a shared vehicle. Think of Birmingham On-Demand as a bus that’s smart enough to come when you want it and where you want it. Using the Via app for iPhone or Android, you can select your pickup and drop off, and they will do the rest. You may also call them directly at 205-236-0768 and they will book a ride on your behalf.

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The Magic City Connector Bus System

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There is also an app that will allow you to track your MAX Transit bus in real time. The MAX MyStop app is available to download on any iPhone or Android device (search for MyStop Mobile and select MAX).

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Parking at the BJCC

Click HERE to see a map of parking areas for the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

  • On site parking is available at the Red (Main Hotel Parking Garage), Orange, Gold, Blue, Purple, and Silver lots
  • Parking is pay on site $20


Download the GA app to keep up with what’s happening during the week of GA! 

If you downloaded the app in the past, you will need to download it new for this year.

Be sure your schedule is set to “Schedule Time Zone” in your “Time Zone Settings”. Birmingham is in the CENTRAL TIME ZONE.

*The GA App will be updated before General Assembly begins.



All the General Assembly documents will be available to registered commissioners on ShareFile on the following dates:

  • Commissioner Handbook – a month prior to GA
  • Supplement to the Commissioner Handbook – a week before GA
  • Onsite Reports – as completed

Download the Citrix Files app for all your ShareFile needs below today!

If you are a registered commissioner and need your login, please email


Pre Assembly Prayer Gathering | Tuesday, June 21st @ 4:30 pm

Tuesday, June 21 from 4:30-5:15 – East Ballroom A

All commissioners and their wives, and others participating in the assembly with a heart for the PCA, are invited to gather as a large group for prayer as we begin the assembly. We will break into small groups, acknowledge our desperate need for the gracious and powerful presence of the Living God, and pray over various aspects of the assembly.

If we’ve ever organized a prayer effort in our local church, and felt the weight of realizing very few in our churches value prayer, then we probably don’t need a reminder to prioritize this time. We have much to pray for every year, but certainly no less this year. See you there…for prayer…on Tuesday…at GA…PCA.

Also, during the assembly on Wed and Thr we will also have a prayer room available with those from our local presbytery onsite to pray for the assembly and ready to pray face-to-face with any who want to come in or to pray from a distance for requests submitted by email.

First Time Commissioners Dinner

This is a business dinner and learn style event where a speaker and hosts will discuss ways to get involved at GA.  This dinner is for First Time Commissioners only. The dinner will be at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 21 in the East Ballroom B of the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

Please contact with any questions and to sign-up!

Covenant College Fellowship Breakfast

Covenant College faculty and staff invite alumni and friends of Covenant College at General Assembly and in the local Birmingham area to join us for a time of fellowship on Wednesday, June 22 from 7 – 8:30 AM. Please register HERE by June 10.

Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary Alumni and Friends Breakfast

Join RPTS President, Dr. Barry York for a casual and informative breakfast. All alumni of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary and friends are welcome to attend. Registration required:

Wednesday, June 22nd @ 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Russia Partnership Wednesday Breakfast

HopeRussia is a theological seminary and church planting partnership that began as a solo American church planter in Leningrad (i.e. St. Petersburg) in 1990, right before the fall of the Soviet Union.  All of our church planting is done through nationals who are graduates of our seminary.  All of the Americans involved in the ministry are PCA teaching elders.  Our students and graduates pastor about 20 churches comprising 3,000 members spanning nine time zones throughout Russia and in other Russian-speaking countries.  We are in the process of forming a unified partnership of all or our US supporting churches.  You’re invited to come and find out about this new partnership! Register HERE

Hope Russia Breakfast, Wednesday, June 22nd @ 6:30 am – 8:00 am

MNA Ministries Lunch

Come and hear an update on how God is Strengthening the Church to Serve, Grow, Multiply through MNA Ministries. Register to attend the MNA Ministries Lunch on Wednesday, June 22nd during General Assembly. Register here!

Gospel Reformation Network (GRN) GA Wednesday Luncheon

Each year at the PCA’s General Assembly, the Gospel Reformation Network (GRN) hosts a luncheon for the purpose of affirming the PCA’s mission of being faithful to the Scriptures, true to the Reformed faith, and obedient to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. All are warmly invited to attend, but registration is required: REGISTER NOW.

Wednesday, June 22 @ 12 PM – REGISTER NOW

WSC Alumni Dinner

Westminster Seminary California invites all alumni to join President Joel Kim and Associate Professor of Practical Theology Dr. Jason Barrie for dinner on Wednesday, June 22nd at 5pm in the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center.  This will be a time of connection with fellow alumni accompanied by a brief update on the seminary.  Please contact if you have not received an invitation and RSVP link via email.

Grace at the Fray of Ministry: A Serge Luncheon - Thursday

Grace at the Fray of Ministry:  A Serge Luncheon

Join Serge and our guest speaker TE Howard Brown for lunch on Thursday, June 23rd.  Howard will be encouraging us from scripture and Serge will provide an update on how we can help you and your congregation be engaged in kingdom expansion.  Register here.  

Thursday Lunch with Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Please join Greenville Seminary faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends for a time of warm fellowship, hot food, and free books. The invitation is extended to all “fathers and brothers,” visitors, and guests interested and available to attend, but registration is required:

Come and hear from Seminary President Dr. Jonathan L. Master, Pastor Jim McCarthy (MDiv ’15) of First Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg, MS, Pastor Zachary Groff (MDiv ’21) of Antioch Presbyterian Church in Woodruff, SC, and incoming Vice President Pat Daly (MAR ’12). Each of the first 100 registrants will receive a copy of the Banner of Truth’s recent reprint of Charles Hodge’s Exegetical Lectures and Sermons on Hebrews, edited by Dr. William VanDoodewaard (newly appointed Professor of Church History).

Thursday, June 23 @ 12 PM –

  • Food functions will be added as we receive them. If you are interested in hosting a food function, please fill out the Food Function Reservation Form.


The Administrative Committee has the following volunteer needs in preparing for the 49th PCA General Assembly. Please volunteer your time, gather your friends and family, and come to serve the church together.

Floor Clerks

A Call for Floor Clerks

Serve the Assembly as a volunteer Floor Clerk! Each year we need about 40 responsible men to distribute materials, participate in the counting of votes, and otherwise keep the flow of business moving. Will you commit to serve your fellow elders this year? We need you!

  • Dates: Tuesday, June 21 – Friday, June 24
  • Location: onsite at General Assembly
  • To volunteer: notify the Stated Clerk of your Presbytery and sign-up HERE.


Loading and Unloading

Loading and Unloading the Truck

We need 10+ able bodied men and women or a youth group to help load the Administrative Committee Truck leading up to GA and after GA. 

  • Location: PCA Office Building, 1700 North Brown Road, Suite 105, Lawrenceville, GA
  • To volunteer: contact us via e-mail at


Communion Elder & Worship Ushers

Communion Elders & Worship Ushers

Teaching and Ruling Elders are encouraged to serve the Assembly as volunteers in serving communion.  Other church officers may sign-up to be an usher. Church officers are encouraged to volunteer to be an usher during worship services. 

    Seminar Room Host

    As a seminar room host, you will:

    1. Serve as the liaison for each seminar speaker in your assigned room with the seminar staff and tech team.
    2. Present the seminar sponsorship (if applicable – a script will be given ahead of time).
    3. Introduce the speaker.
    4. Keep the speaker on time – give time warnings as the end of the seminar approaches.

    As the Seminar Room Host, you’ll need to serve in your room the entire seminar block – arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the first seminar time, and staying at least 10 minutes after the last seminar.  Seminar Room Hosts do not need to be commissioners, and may be men or women. 

    Click HERE to sign-up!

    Tote Bag Stuffing Volunteer

    We have over 2,000 tote bags and we need your help stuffing them with books, resources and materials about ministries for pastors and churches. This is an excellent opportunity for you, your family, small group, youth group, or Sunday School class to serve in Birmingham!

    Please click HERE to sign-up! Thank you for your willingness to serve!


    Birmingham Host Committee Volunteer

    The Host Committee has a lot of volunteer needs. Please click HERE to sign-up! Thank you for your willingness to serve!


    Additional opportunities may be available onsite. Please contact Ashley Davis by e-mail at or by phone at (678) 825-1000.

    Get In Touch

    PCA Administrative Committee

    1700 North Brown Road
    Suite 105
    Lawrenceville, GA 30043