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We bring you seminars, sermons, and discussions from previous General Assemblies designed to promote the unity, purity, and progress of the church.

Check out our Gifts and Graces podcast

We bring you seminars, sermons, and discussions from previous General Assemblies designed to promote the unity, purity, and progress of the church.

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Descriptions for 2023 Seminars are available HERE.

Due to technical difficulties in 2022, many of our seminars were not recorded.  We apologize both to our seminar presenters and our listeners that these important conversations were not recorded.  We are already taking steps to be sure these issues do not happen in the future.


A Hopeful Future – What Established Churches Can Learn from Church Plants | Hunter Brewer and Clint Wilcke

A People of Memory, A People of Hope: Remembering the Past 50 years of PCA Missions Outreach | Herb Ward

Above Reproach? Moral Failure and Godly Character in Pastoral Leadership | Dan Doriani

Building your Church’s Culture of Organizational Health AND Deep Relationships | John Purcell

Celibacy, Marriage, or Surrender | Mark Sanders

Church Employment Law: Hiring, Firing, and Caring for the Vulnerable | Andy Andrews

Compassionate Discipleship for Christians Experiencing LGBTQ+ Struggles | Ellen Mary Dykas

Connecting Generations and Closing Generation Gaps in your Church | Peter V. Deison

Cultivating a Culture of Missions in Your Church | Panel Discussion

Developing A Gospel Culture Within Your Congregation | Scotty Smith and Ed Norton

From Generation to Generation: Helping Children Prepare for Eternity | Stephen Estock and Katie Flores

GA for Rookies | Bryan Chapell

Gospel-Shaped Planting Pipelines for Church Vitality | Robert Kim, Chris Vogel, Irwyn Ince

Growing Healthy Churches | Irwyn Ince and Murray Lee

Honoring Our Parents When They Decline Cognitively | Bill Davis

How To Train Elders and Deacons | Jonathan Stoddard

Intergenerational Differences in Women’s Ministry | Lisa Turner

Learning from the Endurance and Strength of the Reformed Chinese House Churches | Hannah Nation, Corey Jackson, Ryan Zhang

Minority Pastors in Majority Churches: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly | Abraham Cho, Aaron Chung, Duke Kwon, Jeff Suhr, Moses Park, and Paul Kim

Raising a Gender-Stable Child | Dr. Howard Eyrich

Redeeming Vision: Looking at and Learning from Art | Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt

Sabbaticals: Investing in the Health of Ministers and Churches | Rev. Jon Medlock

Soul Care For Ministry Leaders | Scott Armstrong

The Relationally Wise Shepherd | Ken Sande

This Missional Moment: 50 Years of Pioneering Black ministries in the PCA | AAMPCA Panel Discussion

Turning Crisis into Constructive Change: RAPHA – Community and Curriculum | Shad Guinn and Randy Nabors

Who’s Gonna’ Lead the Youth Group? | Stephen Estock and Matt Luchenbill

Biblical Leadership: Effective Then…Effective Now | Winfield Tufts

Calvin’s Political Theology for the Church in Our Time | Darin Stone

A Chosen Race: A Biblical Foundation for Cross-Cultural Ministry | Brett Barbee

Embracing Single Adults in the Church Family | Jenilyn Swett

How to Teach Through the Old Testament in 10-12 weeks | Jay Sklar

How To Train Elders and Deacons | Jonathan Stoddard

Outsiders on the Inside: Church Culture, Minority Fatigue, and Racial Hospitality | William Boyce

The Power and Process of Questions that Lead to Wisdom and Spiritual Maturity in Families | Pete Deison

The Power of Men’s Discipleship in a Disconnected World | Stephen Estock & Dustin Belue

Pursuing Perfection— Michelangelo’s David and our Hunger for Glory | Russ Ramsey

Restoring the Primacy of Christian Identity in a Polarized Culture | Kay Gabrysch

Sex and Sanctification: PCA Standards in Light of the Study Report on Human Sexuality | Bryan Chapell

Stewarding God’s Story: Planning Scripture-Based Worship throughout the Christian Year | Paxson Jeancake

Ten Myths of the Sexual Revolution: How Current Scientific Evidence Supports the Biblical Paradigm for Sexuality | Steven Willing, MD

Thinking Theologically about Bitcoin | Timothy Fox

Two Apostles and a King | Thomas Eddy

Uniting the Church through Church Planting | Robert Kim & Dean Faulkner

Viewing Pro-Life as Whole-Life | Herbie Newell

7 Biblical Distinctives of Christ’s Church | Dr. Jon Payne and Dr. Harry Reeder, III

Above Reproach, Self-controlled, and Holy, or the Moral and Spiritual Qualifications for Ordinands: Exegetical and Ethical Notes | Dan Doriani

Antioch and Us: Paul’s Rebuke of Peter as Guide | Robbie Griggs

Battle Rhythms for Pastors: Thriving in the Chaos of Ministry | Jonathan Stoddard

Can Presbyterians Re-imagine the Church? | Randy Nabors

Church Plant Particularization: A Legal/Operational Guide | Keith Moore and Phil VanValkenburg

Creating a Church Culture of Openness, Healthy Debate, and Speaking The Truth In Love In Every Interaction | John Purcell

Developing the Empathy of Christ | Ken Sande

Cultivating Beautiful Community | Rev. Irwyn L. Ince, Jr. D. Min., Barbara Jones and Melissa Littlepage

Discipleship Pathways for the Men in Your Church | Stephen T. Estock and Monte Starkes

Exploring the Wellbeing of PCA Pastors | Dr. Donald Guthrie and Rev. Jon Medlock

Fight Like a Girl! How to Disciple Women Who Battle Sexual Addictions | Ellen Dykas

Fresh Light on the 1930’s-Era Reformed Resurgence | Kenneth J. Stewart

GA for Rookies | Dr. Bryan Chapell

Grace Abounds! A Biblical Response to CRT & The 1619 Project | Brett Barbee

Help Build Your Congregation’s Pro-Life Confidence | Deborah Hollifield

Help[H]er, A Churchwide Response for Women in Crisis | Bob and Ann Maree Goudzwaard

Helping Couples Flourish: A Seminar for Couples, Pastors, Counselors, and Teachers | Dan Zink

Honoring and Caring for Aging Parents | Byron Jay Peters, Sr.

Hospitality Teaching and Learning for Redemptive Community | David Daniels and Jessie Swigart

How Will You Leverage The Pandemic To Leap Forward Towards Your Vision (And Not Go Back To The Way You Were Doing Church)? | John Purcell

Intentional Christian Grandparenting | Dr. Pete Deison

Preventing and Resolving Conflict in the Church | Ken Sande

Pulpit Practices that Help People “Get the Point” | Russell St. John

Questions of the Heart: Leaning In, Listening For, and Loving Well Toward True Identity In Christ | Kevin Thumpston

Seeking Unity in the PCA: A Conversation on Subscription | David Cassidy, Nate Shurden, and David Strain

Soaring Between Pastors: 8 Actions to Thrive During a Pastoral Transition | Tom Harris

Sorry Mom and Dad: Encouragement for Christian Parents Whose Kids Have Left the Faith | Nathan T. Parker

The God Who Sees, The God Who Hears, and The God Who Meets Your Heart | Suzanne Bates

The Past, Present, and Future Trends of Church Planting | Dr. Robert Kim and Rev. Chris Polski

The Peril and Potential of Youth Sports | Tim Sceggel

Trauma Sensitive Care in Ministry Settings | Lauren Strickland

We Are What We “Like”: Understanding Visual Culture and Faithful Looking | Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt

What AAM Is Doing For the PCA and How Can I Help? | Kellie Brown, Charles McKnight and Wy Plummer

What Can Be Done About the Rise of Young People Leaving the Church? | Tony Souder