Learning from the Endurance and Strength of the Reformed Chinese House Churches

Hannah Nation, Corey Jackson, Ryan Zhang | China Partnership/Center for House Church Theology, Trinity Park Church, New City Presbyterian Church

How does a church under pressure stay renewed in the gospel of grace? For their 70 year history, the house churches in China have grown amidst cultural marginalization, political disenfranchisement, and periods of active persecution. In recent years, a growing movement of reformed, urban house churches (many of which are presbyterian) have begun to articulate an important theology of ‘walking the way of the cross’ which shapes their ecclesiology, evangelism, and discipleship. As our churches in North America navigate the increasing pressures of a polarizing culture, there is much to learn from our brothers in China. This session will not only discuss the growth of the gospel within China, but how local American churches can gain a clearer understanding of Christ’s kingdom and his call to the church by listening to the Chinese house church. By better understanding the church’s perseverance in grace and unity in another context, PCA pastors can gain practical tools for casting a hopeful vision of faithfulness under cultural pressure.