Policies and Procedures 

Who Comes to General Assembly?
More than 3,500 people, including pastors, elders, church planters, chaplains, campus ministers, missionaries, seminary professors, families, and visitors.

Purpose of the Exhibit Hall
The Exhibit Hall provides General Assembly attendees the opportunity to network with like-minded ministries and organizations. They can learn about the latest products, programs, and services that will allow them to effectively grow, lead, and work in their churches, ministries, and communities.

All organizations must be approved by the PCA Administrative Committee to exhibit at General Assembly. Please see the General Assembly New Exhibitor webpage for details.

Exhibitor Registration
All approved organizations are invited to exhibit during the PCA General Assembly.

To register:

  • Review the updated sponsorship options
  • Register online with a credit card by visiting our Exhibitor Registration webpage

Please note: as part of the Exhibitor Agreement each organization agrees to honor the terms of these Exhibitor Policies and Procedures.

Full booth payment is required with the completed Exhibitor Agreement. Please do not combine exhibit registration with any other registration or function fees.

Payments may be made by:

• Credit card: Visa and MasterCard

Space Assignments
Exhibit spaces will be assigned according to the following policies:

• By policy of the Administrative Committee, priority placement is given to PCA Committees and Agencies and Gold Level Sponsors.
• All other booths are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
• Subletting Space: No exhibitor shall assign, sublet, or share the space allotted without written consent from the Administrative Committee prior to General Assembly.
• Exclusions: Individuals or organizations not assigned booth space in the Exhibit Hall will be prohibited from exhibiting or soliciting business in the Exhibit Hall or conference area.

Booth Specifications and Policies
The majority of booth spaces are 10’ x 10’ with an 8’ backdrop and 3’ side dividers. If you have special requests, arrangements, or configurations, please include a note when submitting your Exhibitor Agreement. Any changes to the height of the side dividers must be approved prior to arrival.

Each booth will include:

• One draped and skirted 6’ table, two chairs, one wastebasket, ID sign, and booth cleaning (trash emptied). These items are included with your registration fee.
• Additional furniture, carpet, electricity, and Internet are available for additional cost and may be ordered through our show decorator.

Booth Displays and Backdrops (may not obscure the view of adjacent exhibitors at any time)

  • Displays and backdrops more than 3′ tall may not stand within 5′ of the aisle.
  • Displays may not protrude over the booth’s back wall (8′ in height).
  • Booth backdrops and product displays must have finished side portions so they will not be unattractive or objectionable to adjacent exhibitors.
  • All displays, promotions and distribution of materials must be confined within the limits of the exhibit booth in the Exhibit Hall.

We encourage exhibitors to be creative in displaying and promoting their organization’s products, programs, and services.

• Exhibitors may distribute bite-sized, pre-packaged food samples from their exhibit booth. No outside food or beverage is permitted.
• The playing of music, videos, noise making devices, or distracting activities may be used only if they do not interfere with neighboring exhibit booths.
• Tape, staples, and tacks are prohibited and may not be used.
• Exhibitors may not distribute balloons, stickers, glitter, or confetti from their exhibit booth.

Clean and Presentable Booth Space
Exhibitors are responsible for maintaining a neat and clean booth.

• Boxes and extra literature should be neatly stored under or behind the table.
• Please take empty cartons (for trash removal) to the rear of the Exhibit Hall to maintain a professional appearance.
• Materials placed behind a booth backdrop must not be visible from a side aisle or by an adjacent exhibitor.

Endorsement. The Presbyterian Church in America name, and Committee and Agency names, cannot be used in any form by non-PCA exhibitors to imply that an exhibit is part of, or endorsed by, the Presbyterian Church in America.

The Exhibit Hall will be closed during worship services. View the Exhibit Hall Schedule for Exhibit Hall hours.

Under no circumstances will the delivery or removal of any portion of an exhibit be permitted during Exhibit Hall hours without written permission from the PCA Administrative Committee.

Selling and Taxes
A limited number of organizations may be granted permission to sell directly to attendees from their exhibit booth upon approval of the Administrative Committee. All items to be sold must be approved in advance. Selling Exhibitors must submit a detailed list of what you wish to sell by May 3.

Send list via postal service to:
PCA Administrative Committee
1700 N Brown Rd, Suite 105
Lawrenceville, GA 30043-8143


via email to: events@pcanet.org

The organizations approved to sell from their booth will pay $350, plus booth cost. Any organization selling tangible goods at their exhibit booth is required to collect and remit all appropriate Virginia sales tax.

Research Virginia sales tax at: https://www.tax.virginia.gov/sales-and-use-tax

The exhibitor hereby indemnifies the PCA and the Administrative Committee from any and all liability related to the State of Virginia or county sales taxes or required licenses that result from exhibitor’s appearance at General Assembly.

*Please note: The Administrative Committee reserves the right to deny or withdraw this privilege if any selling exhibitor is perceived to be exploiting or abusing the PCA, attendees, and/or another exhibitor.

Exhibitor Name Badges
Every exhibitor must always wear a name badge while in the Exhibit Hall and convention facility. The exhibitor name badge may be:

• Supplied by the organization – professionally printed and easy to read. OR
• Supplied by the PCA

Please submit a completed Exhibitor Name Badge Form to let us know which option you choose.

Exhibitors qualify for the special General Assembly room rates at the headquarter hotel(s). We recommend you make your reservation with the hotel(s) booked for the assembly, located near the Greater Richmond Convention Center, making lodging easy and cost effective. The hotel information will be communicated to you by email upon receipt of the completed Exhibitor Agreement and payment. Make your hotel reservations early!

We request that each organization representative staffing an exhibit booth complete a Hotel Information Form and submit a copy to the onsite Exhibit Hall Coordinator.

The PCA Administrative Committee reserves the right to refuse exhibit space to any organization for any reason. In addition, the PCA Administrative Committee reserves the right to refuse exhibit space to any exhibitor if, after the acceptance of the Exhibitor Agreement, information should come to the attention of the PCA Administrative Committee that demonstrates that the proposed exhibit would be inconsistent with the principles of the PCA or unfavorable to the PCA reputation. In the event the PCA Administrative Committee should exercise this right, any exhibit fees paid to the PCA Administrative Committee shall be refunded, except that if the denial of exhibit space shall be for failure or refusal of the exhibitor to comply with the terms set forth in the Exhibitor Agreement and these Policies and Procedures, the denial of exhibit space shall be treated as a cancellation by the exhibitor and no refund rewarded.

Limitations to Liability
Neither the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), its employees, officers, agents, directors, volunteers, or affiliates shall be liable for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property of exhibitor, its employees, agents and invitees except to the extent that such injury, loss, or damage is caused directly and proximately by substantial negligence on the part of the PCA Administrative Committee or its employees.

The exhibitor, by its execution of the Exhibitor Agreement, expressly waives the right to claim any such excluded liabilities against the PCA and its respective employees, officers, agents, directors, volunteers, and affiliates and acknowledges that it will neither hold, nor attempt to hold, the organization or any such person liable for any cause whatsoever other than injuries or damages occasioned directly and proximately by the substantial negligence of such person.

Neither the PCA nor its respective employees, officers, agents, directors, volunteers, or affiliates shall be liable for failure to schedule exhibition to be held due to fire, water damage, public emergency, strikes, other labor disputes, or acts of God beyond the power or control of the Presbyterian Church in America to prevent.

Neither the PCA nor its respective employees, officers, agents, directors, or affiliates shall be liable for any failure or unavailability of utilities, hotel services, decorator services, or personnel.

In the event that the PCA, or any of its agents shall receive a claim or complaint, which in part or in whole arises from exhibitor’s actions or failure to act, exhibitor shall indemnify and hold the PCA, its respective agents, employees, officers, volunteers, directors, or affiliates harmless from any claim, loss or liability resulting therefrom.

Photo Release
The Presbyterian Church in America and its legal representatives and assigns, retain the right and permission to publish, without charge, photographs taken during the General Assembly. These photographs may be used in publications, including electronic publications, or in audio-visual presentations, promotional literature, advertising, or in other similar ways.

Medical Release
While we do our best to provide the safest possible environment for our events, the Presbyterian Church in America cannot be held responsible for any medical emergencies that occur during the General Assembly.

The PCA Administrative Committee seeks to arrange for security personnel in the Exhibit Hall during non-Exhibit Hall hours. Neither the PCA, PCA Administrative Committee, or the security company personnel will be liable for any damage or theft to the exhibitor’s display or property. The security that the PCA is providing is for the PCA and its guests and not for the protection of exhibitor’s property. The exhibitor should not rely on PCA-provided security for any reason.

Children and Family Members
Exhibitors are welcome to bring family members to the convention. Exhibitors are to refrain from engaging children under the age of 18 in booths as organization representatives. Children under the age of 18 will not be registered with an exhibitor name badge. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted on the show floor during the set-up/tear-down times.

Removal from the Approved Exhibitor List

• Exhibitors are responsible to inform the PCA Administrative Committee of changes in address or other contact information. Approved exhibitors whom we can no longer locate may be removed from the Approved Exhibitor List.
• Organizations who have not exhibited within five years will be removed from the Approved Exhibitor List and notified accordingly.
• All approved exhibitors, by signing the Agreement, affirm that their organization’s theological and mission statements have not changed during the past year. If any changes have occurred, please submit a new Exhibitor Statement of Mission and Purpose.

Cancellations and Changes
Exhibit space cancellations or changes must be in writing. There will be a $25 administrative fee for canceling exhibit arrangements up to 30 days prior to the opening of the Assembly (May 10, 2024).

• May 10 – 20, 2024 – one-half of the exhibit fees shall be refunded.
• No refund will be considered, except for extraordinary circumstance, after May 21, 2024.

Additional 2024 Terms & Conditions for the Greater Richmond Convention Center may be found HERE

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