2022 Exhibitors

49th General Assembly Exhibitors

Are you looking for ministry resources and partners? Please see the list below for organizations that exhibited at the 49th PCA General Assembly. This list is in alphabetical order and our sponsors are highlighted according to their sponsorship level: Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

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Organization Website/Contact Information Description
A Cup of Water International https://a-cup-of-water-international.servicereef.com/ Missions – spreading gospel through water (wells, hygiene, etc.)
African Bible Colleges https://africanbiblecolleges.com/ College
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals https://www.alliancenet.org/ The Alliance is a broad coalition of evangelical pastors, scholars, and churchmen from various denominations
American Heritage Girls- Trail Life USA https://www.americanheritagegirls.org/ Christ-centered scouting program
Armed Services Ministry https://armedservicesministry.org/ Christ-centered scouting program
Banner of Truth https://banneroftruth.org/us/ Publisher
Belgium Partnership
Beeson Divinity School https://www.beesondivinity.com/ Divinity School at Samford University
Belhaven University http://www.belhaven.edu/index.htm/ College
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association www.BillyGraham.org To support and extend the evangelistic calling and ministry of Franklin Graham by proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ
Birmingham Theological Seminary https://bts.education/ Seminary
Bridgemont Camp and Outdoor Center https://www.bridgemontcamp.com/ BridgeMont is a Christ-centered outdoor education and camping experience
Brotherhood Mutual https://www.brotherhoodmutual.com/ Insurance Provider
Camp Westminster https://www.campwestminster.org Promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ to youth and adults by providing an exceptional summer camp and retreat experience
Christ Gospel Ministries https://www.christgospelministries.org/ Ministry for leaders in India
Christian Focus Publications https://www.christianfocus.com/ Publisher
Christian Healthcare Ministries https://www.chministries.org/ Insurance
Come Over & Help https://www.coah.org/ Ministry for Churches in Eastern Europe
Consulting Services Foundation https://consultingservicesfoundation.org/ Pastor Search
Consummation Ministries https://consummationministries.com/index.php/en/ To promote the understanding of the consummation of all things in Christ through written materials, speaking, preaching, recordings, and the use of various media.
Covenant College https://www.covenant.edu/ Official college of the PCA
Covenant Theological Seminary https://www.covenantseminary.edu/ Official seminary of the PCA
Created for a Purpose https://createdforapurpose.org/ Creative arts program ministry
Crossway Books https://www.crossway.org/ Publisher
Dordt University https://www.dordt.edu/ College
Edinburgh Theological Seminary ets.ac.uk/ Seminary
Educational Opportunities Tours, Inc http://www.eo.travelwithus.com/#eotours Christian Travel Ministry
Equipping Leaders International http://equippingleadersinternational.org/ Ministry for leaders
Erskine Theological Seminary http://seminary.erskine.edu/ Seminary
Evangelism Explosion International https://evangelismexplosion.org/ A ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief.
Faithful Presence faithful-presence.org Equipping servants and leaders in Washington DC to flourish as they participate in Christ’s mission
Five More Talents https://fivemoretalents.com/ Excellent Websites for Faithful Stewards
Forging Bonds of Brotherhood https://www.forgingbonds.org/ We help churches build effective, sustainable, disciple-making ministries for men.
Friends of CRTS https://friendsofcrts.org/ Committed to meeting the need of the Chinese churches for Reformed theological education.
Geneva Benefits Group (formerly known as PCA RBI) https://pcarbi.org/ Provides life and retirement benefits – Agency of the PCA
Geneva College https://www.geneva.edu/ College
Givt, Inc. www.givt.app Facilitates easy donations during the church service with their app
Great Commission Publications https://www.gcp.org Publisher
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (GPTS) https://www.gpts.edu/ Seminary
Harvest USA https://www.harvestusa.org/ Ministry for those affected by sexual struggles
Host Committee – Memphis 2023
Indigenous Ministries of North America https://mtw.org/teams/NorthAmerica/native-american Ministry that flows through long-term, interdependent relationships with indigenous peoples of the Americas
InsideOUT Jail & Prison Works https://restorestlouis.org/inside-out-prison-ministry/ A ministry to help those released from incarceration and to welcome, celebrate and empower them to build and lead in their communities
International Theological Education Ministries (ITEM) https://www.item.org/ Pastoral Training Ministry
Joni & Friends Mississippi https://www.joniandfriends.org/mississippi/ Ministry that shares the gospel and gives practical help to people impacted by disability
Legacy Coalition https://legacycoalition.com/ Christian grandparent ministry
Life on Life Ministries https://lifeonlife.org/ Life-on-life missional discipleship for churches
Lifeline Children’s Services https://lifelinechild.org/ Ministry for adoption and foster care
Ligonier Ministries https://www.ligonier.org/ Christian discipleship organization founded by Dr. R.C. Sproul
Log College Press https://www.logcollegepress.com/ Publisher
Mehr Reformed Ministries https://mehrministries.org/ Mehr Reformed Ministries is a group of Farsi-speaking, former Muslims.
MFA Wealth Advisors, LLC https://mfa-wealth.com/ Wealth Management and Planning Services
Mid-America Reformed Seminary http://www.midamerica.edu/ Seminary
Ministry to the Military and Internationals https://ministrytothemilitaryinternational.com/ Presbyterian and Reformed worldwide ministry for the military and their families
Mission to North America (MNA) https://pcamna.org/ North American ministry – Committee of the PCA
Mission to the World (MTW) https://www.mtw.org/ Global ministry – Committee of the PCA
MNA Bent Tree https://bent-tree.org/ MNA Ministry
MNA Chaplain Ministries https://pcamna.org/chaplain-ministries/ MNA Ministry
MNA Disaster Response, Second Career, and Short Term Missions https://pcamna.org/ministry/disaster-response/ MNA Ministry
MNA Engaging Disability https://engagingdisability.org/ MNA Ministry
MNA ESL Ministries https://pcamna.org/ministry/esl-ministries/ MNA Ministry
MNA Metanoia Prison Ministries https://pcamna.org/ministry/metanoia-prison-ministries/ MNA Ministry
MNA Ministry to the State https://pcamna.org/ministry/ministry-to-state/ MNA Ministry
MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry https://pcamna.org/ministry/refugee-and-immigrant-ministry/ MNA Ministry
MTW France https://www.mtw.org/teams/europe/toulouse-france MTW Ministry
New Growth Press https://newgrowthpress.com/ Publisher
NXTGEN Pastors https://ngpastors.com/ Prepares men, local churches and presbyteries to proclaim the Gospel. This is done by empowering regional leaders to raise up the next generation of pastors.
Occom Ministries https://occom.org/ Training Leaders and Growing Disciples in Native America
One Story Ministries https://www.onestoryministries.org/ Publisher
P&R Publishing https://www.prpbooks.com/ Publisher
Palmer Home for Children https://palmerhome.org/ Faith-based organization that provides a family and community to children in need regardless of race, gender or background.
Parakaleo https://parakaleo.us/ Helps women in church planting to be trained, supported and valued.
PCA Administrative Committee https://www.pcaac.org/ Provides ecclesiastical and administrative functions – Committee of the PCA
PCA byFaith Magazine https://byfaithonline.com The magazine of The Presbyterian Church in America
PCA Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) https://pcacdm.org/ Discipleship ministry – Committee of the PCA
PCA Foundation https://pcafoundation.com/ Provides charitable financial services – Agency of the PCA
PCA Historical Center https://www.pcahistory.org/ Preserves the records of the Presbyerian Church in America
Presbyterians Protecting Life http://www.ppl.org/ Pro-life ministry
Providence Christian College https://www.providencecc.edu/ College
Publicaciones Faro de Gracia https://farodegracia.org/en/ Non-profit publisher and distributor of sound, reformed literature in the Spanish language, for the training of pastors, edification of believers and churches, and the salvation of the nations.
Pursuit Health and Wellness Coaching thisispursuit.com Coaching for the whole person for improved health and wellness
Radical https://radical.net/ Training for churches to give and to launch Missions
Reaching Indians Ministries International, Inc. https://rimi.org/ Leadership and community development initiative to empower leaders in India, South Asia, and beyond.
Reformation Bible College https://reformationbiblecollege.org/ College
Reformation Heritage Books https://www.heritagebooks.org/ Publisher
Reformation Hope http://reformationhope.org/ Dedicated to the recovery of Hope in Haiti through advancing the Gospel, ministering mercy to immediate physical needs, and equipping the people of Haiti to sustain themselves in the future.
Reformation Sites https://reformationsites.com/ Church Websites for a Modern Reformation. Designed to help churches reach out more effectively.
Reformed Forum https://reformedforum.org/ Reformed Christian theological resources
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary http://www.rpts.edu/ Seminary
Reformed Theological Seminary https://www.rts.edu/ Seminary
Reformed University Fellowship http://www.ruf.org/ College ministry – Committee of the PCA
Ridge Haven http://www.ridgehaven.org/ Retreat Center – Agency of the PCA
Rodgers Organs https://www.rodgersinstruments.com/ Digital and hybrid organs
Ronald Blue Trust https://www.ronblue.com/ Christian financial advisor
Sacred Road Ministries https://sacredroadministries.org/ Community development non-profit and church planting ministry that serves on the Yakama Nation Reservation.
Samaritan’s Purse https://www.samaritanspurse.org/ Nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world
Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano https://srlseminary.org/ Seminary equipping indigenous servants in their native language to proclaim the doctrines of Grace in Latin America
Serge serge.org International missions organization bringing together individuals and churches for mission and spiritual renewal.
Serve India Ministries https://www.serveindiaministries.org/ Serving pastors in India with regard to their ministry needs.
Shelby Systems shelbysystems.com Church management software company that serves churches and non-profits with membership and financial tools
Shocco Springs Conference Center https://www.shocco.org/ A nonprofit, Christian conference center in Talladega, Alabama.
Show Hope showhope.org Founded by Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman and works to break down barriers that exist between waiting children and loving families.
Sing Accord singaccord.com Helps congregations participate in musical worship, by using a patent-pending music notation which does not require formal training for non-musicians.
Storied Publishing https://www.storied.pub/ Publisher
Teaching Missions International https://teachmi.com/ Dedicated to providing, to those church leaders who cannot afford, whether for lack of time or money, sound Biblical Reformed theological training
The 18.26 Network https://www.1826network.com/ Assists believers to work, to serve and to live in global cities as Kingdom minded workers and to partner with the local missions
The Daily Prayer Project https://www.dailyprayerproject.com/ A movement that exists to animate the life of prayer through the manifold beauty of the church.
The Lampstand (Embers to a Flame) https://www.thelampstand.org/ A teaching, coaching, and mentoring ministry that equips and encourages church leaders as they pursue church health.
The Rafiki Foundation https://www.rafikifoundation.org/ To help people in ten African countries to know God and raise their standard of living.
Transforming Leaders in Asia (TLA) https://www.tlaministries.org/?page=home A leadership training organization focused on equipping people with the training, resources, and encouragement to impact churches in India and throughout Asia.
Trinity Center for World Mission https://www.trinitycwm.com/ A non-profit Christian missions organization based in the United States to create seminaries across Africa.
truthXchange https://truthxchange.com/ Gospel ministry
U.S. Air Force Chaplain Service https://www.airforce.com/careers/detail/chaplain U.S. Air Force chaplain recruiting
U.S. Navy Chaplain Recruiting https://www.navy.com/careers/navy-chaplain U.S. Navy chaplain recruiting
Voice of the Martyrs persecution.com Mission organization serving persecuted Christians around the world
Wellspring Group https://www.wellspringgroup.org/ A discipleship ministry, a loving fellowship, and a way of being.
West Africa Reformed Mission https://wareformedmission.org/ A mission for the transformation of West Africa through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Westminster Seminary California https://www.wscal.edu/ Seminary
Westminster Theological Seminary (PA) https://www.wts.edu/ Seminary
World News Group https://wng.org/ Publisher
Worldwide Discipleship Association https://www.disciplebuilding.org/ From Campus to the Church to the World, WDA is equipping disciple-building leaders who think, feel, and act like Jesus.

This list is in alphabetical order and our sponsors are highlighted according to their sponsorship level: Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

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