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The Continuing Church is a resource hub for progress reports from PCA ministries as well as resources from previous General Assemblies. The name for this initiative is taken from the description used by the founding elders of the Presbyterian Church in America and a reminder that the church’s mission and ministry continues even when the Assembly is postponed.


Click on the agencies and committees below to read their informational reports on the progress of their ministries.

A Note from the Office of the Stated Clerk
These Permanent Committee and Agency and Special Committee Reports to the 48th General Assembly were prepared early this year for inclusion in the 2020 Commissioner Handbook. With the postponement of this year’s Assembly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the decision was made to post them here so our PCA people can be informed about the work of our General Assembly ministries throughout this past year. Please note that the “Recommendations” at the end of these reports will not be acted upon until the 48th General Assembly meets. Each of the Committees and Agencies will submit a new report for the upcoming year with new Recommendations to the 48th General Assembly.

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Listen to sermons from previous General Assemblies

Jim Wert – 2016

Tim Keller – 2016

Thurman Williams – 2016

George Robertson – 2017

Irwyn Ince – 2017

Duke Kwon – 2017

Alexander Jun – 2018

Joe Novenson – 2018

Randy Pope – 2018

Irwyn Ince – 2019

David Cassidy – 2019

Ryan Anderson – 2019

 Panels & Seminars 

Each year at General Assembly, we host an Assembly-wide seminar with a panel discussing a topic of timely importance.  Sometimes these panels are members of a study committee sharing the fruit of their work, other times it’s leaders with a variety of opinions gathered to share on a specific focus.  Here are some panels from the past few years:”

2019 GA – Panel on Civil Conversations

2018 GA – Panel on Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation

2017 GA – Panel on the Role of Women

2016 GA – Panel on Sexual Brokenness in a Fallen World

Seminars sponsored by Covenant College

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Listen to insights on various aspects of ministry from leaders around the PCA. While we had to postpone General Assembly, there were many topics we were looking forward to sharing with you in our seminars this year.  Many of this year’s seminar presenters have been able to send their seminar by video, and we are excited to share those with you!

What is Church Renewal?

Matthew Bohling and Paul Hahn


The Limitations of the Preached Word in our


Nathan Parker

Guardians of the Generations

Stephen Estock and Sue Jakes

Refreshed – Gospel Hope for Those Who Suffer in the Midst of Serving Others

Rachel Craddock and Marcie Tuten


Covenant Relationships

A Paradigm Shift in Missions

Pat Hatch


Leading Through Transitions

Dale Kreienkamp



Gospel Centered Bible Study Seminar

Brian Fletcher

Disforia de Género (Gender Dysphoria)

David Moran

Bivocational Ministry – The Old Normal

Jeph Guinan

Take on Me – Embracing Small Church Ministry

Robert Cathcart

Church Discipline- The Good, the Bad and the Clumsy

Ken Sande


Bob and Ann Maree Goudzwaard

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